2009 cash flow crunch – Accounts Receivable Factoring is a strong alternative source for your business funding needs…

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Trends suggest that 2009 will be challenging for entrepreneurs and small businesses wanting to raise operating capital or improve cash flow management.

Scott Shane shares his perspective in his excellent article, “Top 5 Trends for Small Business Finance in 2009.”

Now, here are my thoughts. I believe that, within the accounts receivable / invoice factoring community, 2009 will be a year of cautious growth. Although some factoring companies are reducing or closing credit lines, other factoring companies are growing their portfolios and will continue to offer cash flow management solutions to cash-strapped businesses.

The factoring industry is open for business for companies with solid accounts receivable who want grow their companies.

Sure. Factoring companies are being impacted by the current economic climate and, many factors – including MP Star Financial – are re-examining and tightening credit policies. But, if you are facing a shrinking or closed credit line and you have strong accounts receivable, then factoring may be the solution to your cash flow needs.

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