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A leader in financing growing businesses since 1995, MP Star Financial has served hundreds of companies in dozens of industries…and in many states.

MP Star understands the unique cash flow needs of small businesses spread throughout the country. The regional economy in which your company competes, the local labor market and other costs specific to your area, state regulations, and seasonal factors all combine to create a unique set of circumstances that impact your company’s need for effective cash flow management.

So whether you’re based in Orlando, Pittsburgh, Columbus or elsewhere, MP Star Financial can provide your company with proven, cost-effective solutions to its cash flow management problems. Call (800) 833-3765, extension 150.


Find business funding solutions for your business in the following cities:

Columbus: the capital of Ohio is overflowing with vibrant, dynamic economic activity, with Forbes magazine naming Columbus as the best Ohio city for business. Discover more about invoice factoring in Columbus.

Cleveland: the Greater Cleveland area has a $170 billion regional economy, with 27 Fortune 500 companies and large numbers of smaller firms that have led the area’s resurgence. Find more information about business funding in Cleveland.

Indianapolis: this is a great place to have a business, with electronics, aerospace, life sciences, IT, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries located in the city. Here is more factoring information for Indianapolis.

Pittsburgh: this city is one of the country’s most “livable” cities for families, a great draw for young entrepreneurs. Plus, there is easy access to New York, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia and more. Discover cash flow management solutions for your Pittsburgh business.

Dallas: With nearly $400 billion in annual output, the greater Dallas area is one of the largest 40 economies, worldwide! Even better, most policies there are pro-business growth. Discover more about growing your Dallas business with invoice factoring.

Houston: In 2011, Houston’s $384 billion economy grew 8.6%, which is the most growth of any large American city that year. Houston industry ranges from health care to aerospace, technology and transportation. Boost your cash flow management in Houston. Here’s how.

Boston: More than 40% of Boston adults have at least a four-year college degree, making this work force one of the most educated in the country. Make a smart decision today by investigating factoring as your business funding solution in Boston.

Orlando: One national magazine dubbed this city as “one of the most highly coordinated entrepreneurial engines in the country.” Business owners in Orlando have a significant number of economic incentives to operate there, and factoring can help even more. Discover details.

Greensboro: CNN/Money listed the state of North Carolina as the third best of business climates, and Greensboro hosts Honda Aircrafts and Mack Trucks, and small companies thrive there. Factoring can help Greensboro business grow. Find out more.

Charlotte: Money magazine chose Charlotte as one of the top 20 cities in the country for starting a business, while the workforce is projected to grow by nearly 50% in the next decade. Manage cash flow through invoice factoring in your Charlotte business.

Jacksonville: Jacksonville has the second busiest civilian port in the country and close proximity to major highways, with lively import/export/transportation economic activity. Plus, there are great tax incentives available. Find out more about effective cash flow management strategies for Jacksonville.

Tampa: Tampa boasts one of the top 20 consumer markets in the country and Florida is ranked number ten for business-friendly climates in the United States. Business owners, find information about invoice factoring for your Tampa business here.

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Since 1995, MP Star Financial has helped more than 1,000 businesses and people like you resolve cash flow issues.

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