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Known for tourism and recreational offerings, dozens of other Orlando industries have steadily prospered, giving the region a dynamic, diversified economy.

Growing Orlando industries include aviation and aerospace, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, defense, warehousing, transportation, and distribution.

And while household name-type companies like Westinghouse, Mitsubishi and Lockhead-Martin all maintain a strong presence in Orlando, small businesses have also benefited from locating and operating in the region.

A national magazine has named Orlando “one of the most highly coordinated entrepreneurial engines in the country.” And no wonder. Small business support organizations, like the Orlando Mayor’s Business Assistance Team, The Disney Entrepreneur Center, and various business incubators, abound.

Small businesses in Orlando industries also have access to an impressive number of economic incentives to operate in the region, including industry-specific development grants, targeted tax refunds, tax exemptions, and various infrastructure incentives.

Invoice factoring for Orlando industries and businesses: are you struggling to meet expenses?

Orlando businesses – just like small businesses anywhere – have to meet payroll, make tax payments on time, pay suppliers and vendors, and make sure various overhead expenses are handled. In other words – Orlando companies must carefully manage cash flow.

Is cash flow a problem for your Orlando business? Is collecting receivables an ongoing problem?

If you would like your company to have faster access to its receivables – often the same day you make the request – or if slow-paying customers (45, 60, 90 days?) are making cash flow management a constant headache, you should explore your options.

Contact MP Star Financial today.

A trusted resource in small business funding and financing since 1995, MP Star Financial can provide Orlando businesses with proven, cost-effective solutions to cash flow management problems.

MP Star’s invoice factoring services provide fast access to cash that your company might otherwise wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to receive.

Here’s why you should choose MP Star Financial for Orlando invoice factoring:

  • MP Star gets your cash to your bank quickly, so you can meet payroll, tax, and other business obligations on time.
  • MP Star factoring programs are easy to arrange
  • MP Star’s invoice factoring services will not add to your company’s debt load
  • MP Star spells out your fees up front! No surprises or hidden costs
  • MP Star frees up your time so you can run your Orlando business, not chase down receivables

Find out how your Orlando company can benefit from invoice factoring services from MP Star Financial. Visit our website and apply for your cash flow management solution now, or call for a no-obligation consultation.

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