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Invoice factoring contributed to over 4750% revenue growth from year one to year eight. What could it do for your business?

Carl F., President of a regional janitorial company, credits MP Star Financial Inc., his invoice factoring company, with helping to grow his business from $144,000 in annual revenues to $7 million within just eight years.

“My company was founded in 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into the largest minority janitorial company in our area.”

“I would be remiss if I did not mention that a big reason for our company’s growth over the past 10 years, was the presence of your company, “MP Star Financial“. Your company enabled me to focus on what we do well, growing my janitorial business. MP Star has enabled us to have the necessary cash flow which ultimately enabled us to increase revenues from $144,000 annually in 1997 to over $7 million in 2005.”

“Gage, on behalf of myself, my family and all of our employees, we would like thank you for your support and guidance over the years that helped our company grow to the level that we are today.”
-Carl F., President

A message from MP Star: why using a factoring company works so well for start ups and growing businesses.

“Commitment and years of hard work helped Carl F. and his company become a leader in janitorial services. Their clients include some of the most recognizable corporations, universities and military bases in the Northeast. In the beginning, their resources, like those of many start-ups, were stretched thin. We were able, through invoice factoring, to provide a healthy cash flow that let them focus on their services instead of monitoring customer invoices.”
-Gage Price, Founder and President, MP Star Financial, Inc.

What can a receivables factoring program can do for your business? Find out now.

At MP Star Financial, our commitment to our clients is clear. Request a receivables factoring quote today and gain the support of a factoring company that provides the flexibility, discretion and convenience you need to succeed. Get complete control of your receivables factoring program and put the power of invoice factoring to work for your business today.”

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