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Business owners and operators all face similar challenges:

  1. Producing quality products or services
  2. Finding customers and keeping them happy
  3. Retaining qualified workers
  4. And… effectively managing cash flow

Face it, if your business isn’t managing cash flow as well as it should, the first three points almost don’t matter.

Invoice factoring is a popular, cost effective way for companies in dozens of industries to manage cash flow in order to stay current on payroll, taxes and other obligations, build good business credit, and GROW the business.

MP Star Financial, a leader in factoring and small business funding since 1995, has prepared a series of e-books explaining how factoring can help growing companies get out of a rut and tackle cash flow problems for good.

Download the books you need, free of charge, and check back often for new titles in the series. For more information on factoring, visit MP Star Financial, or call (800) 833-3765, extension 150.

Your business needs cash – fast – without any hassles. Download Grow Your Business through Invoice Factoring now.

This free e-book will share how you can do the following through factoring:

  • Making payroll and paying payroll taxes
  • Buying in bulk
  • Taking advantage of net 10 payment terms
  • Expanding your geographic reach
  • Growing your business

MP Star has helped numerous companies in a wide range of industries solve their cash flow problems – many of them just like yours!

Growing Your Temporary Staffing Business with Invoice Factoring

This new e-book explains why temporary service staffing businesses are vulnerable to cash flow problems, and explains how factoring can help. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of factoring
  • How to avoid the five biggest problems faced by temporary services companies
  • Keys to successful cash flow management
  • How to avoid adding to your company’s debt load
  • What to do if you run into tax trouble
  • And much more

Growing Your Janitorial Services Business with Invoice Factoring

As explained in this new e-book, a well-run janitorial services company has almost unlimited potential for success, but effective cash flow management is very important. Read this e-book to discover:

  • Factoring fundamentals
  • How to deal with financial problems faced by janitorial services companies
  • Why personnel and hiring issues are so critical – and how to handle them
  • And much more

Growing Your Manufacturing Company with Invoice Factoring

In this new e-book from MP Star Financial, the particular cash flow needs facing manufacturing companies are explained, with an emphasis on ensuring production is kept at acceptable levels. Read:

  • How invoice factoring helps manufacturing companies
  • How U.S. manufacturing is dominated by smaller companies
  • How manufacturers can avoid taking on additional debt, even cash is needed most
  • How to use factoring to expand and grow
  • And much more

Growing Your Security Services Company with Invoice Factoring

MP Star Financial explains how security companies can use invoice factoring to prosper in what’s become a very competitive, yet potentially very rewarding industry. Topics covered include:

  • How invoice factoring really works (a step-by-step explanation)
  • How factoring can help security companies stay current on payroll and tax obligations
  • Why effective hiring and screening processes are so important for security companies
  • How to have funds available to staff last-minute customer requests
  • And more

Growing Your Start-up Company with Invoice Factoring

Start-up companies deal with special problems that can make daily operations more difficult than for more established companies. The new e-book from MP Star Financial addresses those specific issues. Read:

  • How invoice factoring works
  • How to improve cash flow without taking on more debt
  • How to establish great business credit
  • How to use factoring to establish business growth
  • How to meet quarterly tax obligations on time, every time
  • And much more

Download the books you need, free of charge, and check back often for new titles in the series. For more information on factoring, visit MP Star Financial, or call (800) 833-3765, extension 150.

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