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Factoring financial services can help businesses ranging from start-ups to established corporations. What can factoring financial services do for your company? MP Star Financial’s President explains in this interview.

On November 1, 2005, Gage Price, President of MP Star Financial, was a guest on “Capitalist Cleveland”, a radio program dedicated to topics and issues pertaining to small to mid-sized businesses. Mr. Price, a business owner and financial expert, was asked to share with listeners his expertise on accounts receivable factoring (also called factoring financial services).

Learn how a factoring company works, and how invoice factoring could help your firm grow.

In this section, Gage shares the basics of factoring financial services. This straightforward explanation can help you envision what accounts receivable factoring could do for your business.

Host: “What does MP Star Financial actually do?”

Gage explains “We are a factoring company that works with small to medium-sized businesses to provide the cash flow they need to grow through accounts receivable factoring. Many times these companies don’t have real access to the banks because they don’t have the traditional assets that banks look for. Accounts receivable factoring is a way to grow the business through the growth of the company as opposed to looking at just the assets on the balance sheets.”

Account receivables can be assets that actually help grow your business.

Host: “So when you say factoring, are you looking at receivables, things of that nature? Things that aren’t an actual asset or are you looking at other things?”

Gage clarifies: “Receivables are an asset. Banks look at receivables as frosting on the cake, but place primary importance on the buildings, machinery, equipment and such. Here’s the difference: A factoring company like MP Star Financial looks at receivables as true assets that can be converted into cash that will roll fairly quickly if people are doing their job and collecting their receivables – then, they are an asset that can be lent against.”

Learn more about how to improve your company’s cash flow in Part 2 of this accounts receivable factoring interviews.

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