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Learn why accounts receivable factoring is the low risk alternative when financing your business.

How can accounts receivable factoring help your company? The President of MP Star Financial explains. In this section Gage Price continues his November 1, 2005 interview on the “Capitalist Cleveland” radio program. Here, he discusses how factoring loans are a logical alternative to riskier methods of financing your business.

Factoring loans can help your company turn receivables into cash.

Host: “We’ve had plenty of industry titans on the show. When we ask, ‘how did you fund your company?’ a lot of them say, ‘credit cards.’ It just blows my mind.”

Gage explains that accounts receivable factoring and factoring loans are a better alternative. “There are a lot of companies that are started with credit cards. The banks don’t want to jump in because you don’t have a track record. You don’t have assets. Accounts receivable factoring is another way. You’re turning your receivables into cash. The beautiful thing about this is, as your receivables grow, so does your access to cash.”

A factoring company can bring more cash to your business than a bank, via factoring loans.

Host: “You lend your receivables at a 75- or 80-percent rate, where a bank may only accept receivables at a 15- or 20-percent rate.”

Gage explains, “Absolutely. Banks look at receivables as kind of an afterthought. A factoring company looks at them as something that can be verified and collected upon. With factoring loans, we typically do give anywhere from 75 to 90 percent on receivables. Receivable factoring is really based on the quality of the receivables and the type of business.”

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