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Accounts receivable factoring is a time-honored, low-risk method of funding that can help build your business.

Accounts receivable factoring is a trusted financial strategy that has been used by companies for centuries. You can learn more about its history in this fall 2005 radio interview with Gage Price, CEO of factoring company MP Star Financial. You’ll also find out how your company can qualify for factoring loans, and how to use them to grow your business. Don’t miss Part 1 of this factoring loans interview.

Accounts receivable factoring leverages your hard work and client base to accelerate your growth.

Host: “When you’re trying to evaluate whether you’re going to lend someone money, are you just looking at receivables? Do you also take into account the entrepreneurial nature of the guy sitting across the table from you?”

Gage explains: “When considering candidates, obviously a factoring company will look at the business itself, but more importantly we look at their customers. If they’re doing business with someone like The Cleveland Clinic or Stouffers – or any local company with strong credit, they’re a good candidate. Of course, we want to make sure their business is stable and has good growth potential, but their customers are important, too.”

Factoring loans has enjoyed a long, profitable history.

Gage comments on the history of factoring loans: “I don’t think people really understand that accounts receivable factoring is probably one of the oldest businesses in the world. Looking back on the history of factoring loans, the exploration of the Americas was done via factoring. It’s an age-old business.”

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No matter what phase your business is in, factoring loans helps maintain a positive cash flow. Gage Price gives examples of how his factoring company helps businesses ranging from small to large in part 4 of this accounts receivable factoring interview. Boost your company’s growth now through factoring loans: Request an online quote from MP Star factoring company today.

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