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Take our no hidden fees invoice factoring challenge and never pay hidden fees again.

Send us your current contract or proposal from another factoring company and we will show you the hidden fees and save you money. If we cannot save you $ we will pay you $250 in cold hard cash!

Don’t let this happen to you: beware of hidden fees charged by other invoice factoring companies.

Don’t get caught by the “left hook out of nowhere.” That’s what one of our clients called the shock he got spotting hidden fees in the contract of a competitor he was nearly ready to sign with. Fortunately, he contacted MP Star Financial, the factoring company with no hidden fees – in time – and he’s thrilled that he did.

Take our no hidden fees challenge: compare our contract with any offer, and we’ll show you where their hidden fees are and offer you a fair invoice factoring deal with competitive rates.

When we say that MP Star Financial has no hidden fees, that’s exactly what we mean! When factoring receivables at MP Star Financial, you receive a fair deal with competitive rates – and no hidden fees.

Contact MP Star Financial, the ethical accounts receivable factoring company you can trust, and ask us to review a competitor’s quote to point out the hidden fees. Call 800-833-3765 or email MP Star Financial today to start factoring receivables with no hidden fees.

Check other invoice factoring firms’ contracts – hidden fees while factoring receivables may include:

  • application fee
  • due diligence fee
  • new client fee
  • money transfer fee
  • lockbox fee
  • termination fee
  • minimum funding fee
  • right to audit fee and
  • wire transfer fees

That still isn’t all! Some invoice factoring firms even charge for:

  • fees for invoices that the factoring company chooses not to fund
  • fees for funding fewer invoices than usual during a month and
  • fees for same day funding

You don’t want, need or deserve that! Instead, choose the ethical accounts receivable factoring firm – MP Star Financial – with no hidden fees.

MP Star Financial provides you with quality invoice factoring funding according to honorable principles of the International Factoring Association.

This means that in all of our accounts receivable factoring transactions, you’ll enjoy:

  • no hidden fees,
  • fair treatment,
  • confidentiality: your private information is safe – see our Privacy Policy for more details,
  • best practices in accounts receivable factoring, and the best possible options recommended for your company, every time,
  • prompt and honest account information and
  • truth in advertising standards.

Call 800-833-3765 or email MP Star Financial today to start factoring receivables.


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