Announcing the no hidden fees invoice factoring challenge: compare a competitor’s quote with your MP Star Financial quote today and save.

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You want the absolute best invoice factoring quote for your business – and so it’s important that you choose the factoring company that has no hidden fees.

Before you start factoring receivables, bring a quote and contract from any competitor into MP Star Financial and discover how you can save money by not paying any hidden fees.

Learn more about the MP Star Financial invoice factoring challenge today.

Your accounts receivable factoring quote and contract from another factoring company may include multiple hidden fees, including:

  • application fees,
  • due diligence fees,
  • new client fees,
  • money transfer fees,
  • lockbox fees,
  • termination fees,
  • minimum funding fees,
  • right to audit fees and
  • wire transfer fees.

Other factoring companies also charge unfair fees, such as:

  • fees for invoices that the factoring firm chooses not to fund,
  • fees for funding fewer invoices than usual during a month and
  • fees for same day funding.

Don’t pay those fees! Instead, contact MP Star Financial, the ethical accounts receivable factoring company you can trust, and ask us to review a competitor’s quote and contract to point out the hidden fees. If we can’t save you money, we’ll pay you $250!

Call (800) 833-3765 x150 or email MP Star Financial today to start factoring receivables with no hidden fees.

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