Invoice Factoring Brokers:

Earn Commissions FAST – and Keep Earning!

MP Star is the factoring company that treats brokers with respect. Partner with MP Star to receive commission checks for as long as your referral is factoring receivables with us.

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Quicker Commissions

MP Star Financial, we close deals and avoid delays so you get your commission – fast.

Additional benefits:

  • Continue getting paid for the life of a client’s invoice factoring relationship with MP Star.
  • Refer your cash flow factoring leads to MP Star Financial and get paid fast and often.

Focus on New Clients – Get Paid Fast and On Time

Spend your time cultivating new invoice factoring clients, not worrying about whether or not the invoice factoring company that you refer business can close your deals, effectively service your clients, or even pay you on time. You are looking to close deals and get paid!

MP STAR FINANCIALOur Win-Win History with Brokers

MP Star has been working with Invoice Factoring Brokers nationwide since 1995. We understand that the first step to establishing an effective Invoice Factor Broker/Factor relationship is to establish a clear understanding of what types of deals a factor company is looking to fund.

Experience teaches us that sending the wrong deal to the wrong factor company usually results in frustration – deals left hanging or worse – a poor fit that results in an unhappy invoice factory client.

MP Star’s goal is to fund the right deals for MP Star and provide excellent service, all of which helps to create happy clients, extended invoice factoring relationships for MP Star and extended commission streams for Invoice Factoring Brokers.

Broker Information Package

MP Star Financial Invoice Factoring Broker Information Package features:

  • Deals sought and regularly funded by MP Star
  • Advantage of MP Star’s Invoice Factoring Program
  • Broker Agreement
  • Application and Documentation List

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