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Environmental Services Company

MP Star Financial has an excellent reputation for helping clients turn an existing sour relationship with a factoring company into a new and pleasant one. Our reputation for prompt, fair and accurate accounts receivable factoring is well known in the business funding industry, so companies who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current factor often contact us.

Problems with current factoring company wasted time and money.

Recently, MP Star Financial entered into a receivables factoring relationship with an environmental services company that was desperate to leave their current factor. According to the owner, everything was a hassle:

  • Lack of, or poor quality reports
  • Poor customer service
  • Insufficient business funding
  • Hidden fees

Other factoring companies may hide their fees

MP Star Financial performed extensive due diligence on the recent business funding and reserve reports on their previous accounts receivable factoring. The results showed a host of hidden fees and confusing accounting gimmicks designed to conceal the actual charges the client paid.

Good factoring companies explain the process.

MP Star Financial assigned one of its most experienced account representatives to work with the client. They explained the receivables factoring process and how a fee schedule works. The net result was substantial savings to the client and a solid working relationship. Learn more about accounts receivable factoring services.

Flexible business funding for successful receivables factoring.

MP Star Financial is now their official factoring company, managing all long-term factoring while offering them the flexibility to factor only invoices they wish. Learn more about our factoring company.

Creating an environment of growth and trust for successful accounts receivable factoring.

A growing business needs a partner they can trust, and as a reputable factoring company, MP Star Financial is able to maintain client trust, keeping records and communication clear at all times. Contact us for your custom accounts receivable factoring program, or request a free receivables factoring quote today.

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