Maybe you think you do not need to start factoring receivables. You will make payroll, after all. You just cannot give employees their birthdays as paid holidays, as you promised, and forget that free staff luncheon . . .

Factoring receivables: ask me about this long-lived tool and how it can support your employee retention strategy.

Your company’s biggest assets are your talented, creative and motivated employees. If you want to stay on top of the game, you cannot afford not to treat employees well. Call me today, at 800-833-3765, Ext. #150, and I will show you how factoring receivables can be a smart – very smart – employee retention strategy.

Experts back up the strategy of not cutting certain costs – and with accounts receivable financing, you do not have to.

Still not convinced? Well, the brains behind Google predict that “getting the most out of knowledge workers will be the key to business success for the next quarter century .”

Use accounts receivable financing and improve cash flow management today!

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