Although it is tempting to jump at super-low rates, proceed with caution. When factoring receivables, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Recently, I offered a competitive cash flow factoring rate to a company but a competitor offered the prospect a better rate. I warned him about hidden fees, but he still chose our competitor.

When the competing cash flow factoring firm attempted to close the deal, the prospect realized they were tacking on significant additional fees. He called this tactic a “left hook out of nowhere,” returning to MP Star Financial for ethical accounts receivable factoring.

Moral of the story: super low, come on rates and fine print are often warning signs of questionable business practices when factoring receivables.

Any factoring company can offer a low starting rate, but it takes a quality firm with ethics and integrity to provide quality service at a competitive receivables factoring rate – every day.

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