I occasionally hear business people talk about how their parents and grandparents relied upon their local banks for loans and financial help. This can make them a bit uncertain about working with a receivables factoring company. They are surprised, then, when I tell them that the business of factoring loans is at least 4,000 years old. Maybe you are surprised, too.

Feel confident about the business financial help available with a receivables factoring company.

Lots of famous people have given or used factoring loans. King Hammurabi from Babylon was probably the earliest lender, but Christopher Columbus used factoring financial services to buy his now-famous ships. In Italy, the Medici family used factoring to finance art and culture after the Middle Ages ended.

So, if you were wondering if factoring was a newer form of business financing, I suspect that you are not, anymore! If you have questions about factoring or MP Star Financial factoring services, please post a comment below, email me at info@mpstarfinancial.com or call me at (800) 833-3765 Ext. #150. I look forward to our conversation.