Five Great Apps for Growing Businesses

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Among other things, running your business is a balancing act involving your time. In fact, time might be the most precious resource you have. (You can always make another dollar, but let’s see you make another minute.) Since no one has figured out how to cram 25 hours into a 24 hour day, efficiency is the name of the game.

Fortunately, there are tech solutions that can help. Of the thousands of apps (application software packages) available to smartphone users, many were developed specifically for small and growing businesses, and countless others can be applied to business needs.

The right app can help you manage client relationships, travel, expenses, and other tasks associated with keeping your business moving. The options for savvy app users are changing all the time, but here are five highly-rated possibilities to give you an idea of what’s available.

Evernote. (For iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows-based phones. Free.)
A digital personal assistant for staying organized and on track. The company’s home page trumpets, “Remember everything.” This app allows you to collect and organize emails, notes, PDFs, website clips, photos, voice memos and more. Stored information can be accessed from your phone or a computer, and Evernote lets you forward and share content with your co-workers, who don’t need to be Evernote users. The website contains helpful tutorials. A premium package allows you to access Word documents and spreadsheets.

ExpenseCloud. (For iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Free.)
“Expense Reports on Autopilot,” touts the company’s site. Really? You probably love it already. In any case, crumpled receipts and lost mileage notebooks will be a thing of the past. The app lets you record expenses for flights, hotels, meals, mileage and more. Clients can be assigned ID numbers for organization purposes. Reports can be automated weekly, and then exported to spreadsheets.

US Newspapers. (For Android only. Free.)
Provides one-stop reading for news sites by major newspapers including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times from news outlets like Reuters, CNN, FOX, the Associated Press and Google News. You can establish a list of favorites and forward news stories to colleagues. The app is available only for Androids, but similar news apps are available for iPhone and Blackberry users.

TripIt. (For iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows-based phones. Free.)
Organizes your business travel plans in one place, regardless of where you have booked your flights, hotels and other events. Confirmation emails that you forward to TripIt are organized into an itinerary that can be accessed from your smartphone at any time. No more copying and pasting! You can share itineraries with friends and co-workers. The app is fun to use, and the chronological itineraries are clear and easy to read.

Clear Checkbook Money Manager. (For iPhone and Android. Free.)
You might never bounce a check again. This app lets you check balances across various accounts, manage budgets, and create reports. Checking transactions are marked in real-time when cleared, so you know the exact balance in any account at any time. Totals for uncleared checks are also calculated, so accounts aren’t accidentally overdrawn.

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