Here’s more information about the E-Verify system and how you, as an employer, now play a role in fighting illegal immigration in the US.

Earlier, I shared how the crackdown on illegal immigration in the US has shifted. Here are more specifics:

The E-Verify system is a voluntary program (unless you have government contracts) offered by the federal government that compares Form I-9 information to Social Security Administration and DHS records to quickly determine the eligibility of applicants to work in the US.

The government will provide training in using this system in exchange for a commitment by employers to submit Form I-9 through the system.

Although the E-Verify system is a voluntary program at no cost to the employer, it is not without its critics and detractors.

Critics point to increased costs associated with lawsuits for wrongful termination of otherwise legal workers and Form I-9 compliance audits by the government. In addition, its accuracy has also been questioned.

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (which regulate how the government can purchase goods and services) already require that contractors and sub-contractors use the E-Verify program to verify all hires, regardless of whether or not a new employee will be directly involved with a government contract. This indicates that the system is here to stay.

For more info on Form I-9 compliance, the American Staffing Association has an excellent article in the January/February issue of Staffing Express – “E-Verify and Form I-9: Employer Compliance in a Nutshell.”

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