How well could your security business handle an urgent call for extra guards?

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What would that do to your cash flow management system?

Let’s face it. Some companies don’t hire the security they need until a crisis happens. Maybe the company gets robbed; maybe someone even gets hurt. Then, when they call your company to get the amount of security guards that they need, they need them NOW.

You’re happy about getting new business but you may not receive payment for your services for 30 days – or maybe even 45 – but your employees need to be paid every two weeks.

We recommend invoice factoring as your business funding solution. With factoring, you get the cash you need – when you need it.

Here’s the fast and easy process to follow to get invoice factoring started as your cash flow management strategy.

To begin the process, you just need to:

  1. fill out an invoice factoring application and provide supporting documentation
  2. provide invoices for the security guard services that you have provided, along with documentation that your customer has agreed that services were rendered
  3. have creditworthy customers

You can apply for your business funding solution – factoring – in a PDF format or in a Word format.

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