In 2009, 1/3 of small businesses admitted to financial worries, including cash flow management problems when credit card limits were lowered.

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According to a report released by the National Small Business Association in January 2009, 1/3 of small businesses have concerns about the ongoing viability of their businesses. This report also indicates that 28% of them experienced decreases on their lines of credit/credit cards; if the business owners are struggling because of the reduction in their credit card limits, this indicates a cash flow management problem.

Are you worried about cash flow management in your small business? Consider invoice factoring as the solution.

With invoice factoring, you can get the cash that you need – when you need it – rather than waiting 30 or even 45 days for your customers to pay their invoices. With accounts receivable factoring as your small business funding solution, you can:

  • Meet expenses without incurring late fees, as well as meeting payroll and payroll taxes
  • Focus on running your small business, which is what you do best
  • Add new products and services and/or expand geographical boundaries of your small business

Discover more about other business owners who have grown their businesses through invoice factoring.

Here are stories of real life business owners who have struggled with cash flow but who found peace of mind and business growth through factoring as their small business funding solution.

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