Industries Served

Most Businesses Can Benefit from Invoice Factoring

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. MP Star One Fee Factoring is an essential financial tool to benefit businesses in sectors as diverse as staffing, health care, general business services, manufacturing, import/export, transportation and freight and retail.

MP Star offers one-fee invoice factoring with no hidden fees, requirement or long-term contract commitments. We serve many industries – from service and manufacturing to suppliers and builders – with a focus on partnership that helps them grow.

MP Star services all industries but specializes in:

Small Business

  • Financing
  • Entrepreneur Success
  • Cash Flow Management


  • Meet Urgent Hiring Needs
  • Be Nimble
  • Stay Profitable

Sales & Marketing

  • Trends in Small Business Valuation
  • Little Known Deductions


  • New Tech Tips
  • Cash Flow Mistakes (To Avoid)


  • Cash Flow Management for Sudden Demands
  • Grow with Confidence

Other Industries Served:

Insurance Agency


Machine Shops

Commercial Printers

Metal Contractors

Demolition Contractors

Pallet Manufacturers

Electronic Assembly

Property Management

Scaffolding Suppliers

Film Restoration

Temporary Staffing

High Tech Recyclers

Container Manufacturers


IT Services

Restoration Services

Commercial Copy Services

Masonry Contractors

Courier Companies

Oil & Gas Companies

Drywall Contractors


Environmental Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Facilities Management

Structural Steel Erectors

Software Development

Medical Laboratories

Web Development

Artwork Supply

Insurance Restoration

Clothing Distributors


Computer Suppliers

Mobile Wash Services

Door Manufacturers

Electronics Supplies

Refrigeration Engineering

Fiber-Optics Contractors

Sign Manufacturers

Food Suppliers


Cleaning & Janitorial