Invoice factoring company shares top secrets you can use for cash flow management

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Stop back often – invoice factoring company shares top secrets you can use for cash flow management to grow your business the smart way.

As president of MP Star Financial, I am often asked by clients and peers how to manage cash flow, grow a business and make smart financial decisions. This blog will be the place where I give advice on that subject. Yes, we will be talking about how factoring loans benefit business owners. However, we will also provide you with great information about financing, cash flow management, and factoring, plus creative ways to use all of the tools in your financial toolbox.

Count on MP Star Financial invoice factoring company to share what has made us and our clients successful for more than 11 years: and use our experience to make your business more profitable.

MP Star Financial Inc. was founded in 1995. We specialize in providing our clients with superior service. We fund a wide variety of companies, helping you:

  • manage payroll with cash flow management techniques;
  • take supplier discounts;
  • pursue new business opportunities with factoring loans.

But that is not all we do, we also help companies grow and thrive. We will share our ideas, recommendations and advice here.

The unofficial Price Gage biography, brought to you blog-style.

I worked my way up through the ranks as a factoring salesperson and underwriter, so I have frontline experience to better serve you. I received my MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 1992.

You may not always like what I have to say, or agree with me. But one thing you can count on; I’ll give you the straight, unvarnished truth. Tell me what blog topics you’d like to see by commenting below.

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