How One Fee Factoring Helps Janitorial Companies Grow

Remove Stress from Payroll and Operating Costs

Janitorial businesses may have steady accounts to serve – but it is common for these accounts to be on 30, 45 and even 60 day invoicing cycles. That means an increased pressure to meet costs faster than the money comes in. Many janitorial firms choose MP Star One Fee Factoring to help meet payroll and other costs – and to free up their cash flow to:

  • Take advantage of payment discounts
  • Avoid paying late fees and penalties
  • Use boosted cash flow to save money

Cleanliness is Essential, Now More Than Ever

With the impact of COVID-19 on business, more and more companies will require services for commercial grade cleaning and disinfecting. While you might be ready to seize the opportunity, are you ready to meet immediate expenses to handle it and grow? 

  • More contract staff
  • More cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Funds to meet a boosted payroll

You’ll need all of this before your new customers pay their first invoice. Don’t take on debt through a bank loan. Let MP Star One Fee Factoring free up your funding to help you immediately meet payroll and operating costs.

Cleaning Firm Grows +4,800% in 8 Years

“MP Star Financial helped me to focus on what we do well – growing my janitorial business. MP Star allowed us to have the necessary cash flow which ultimately enabled us to increase revenues from $144,000 annually to over $7 million in just 8 years.

– Carl, President of a Regional Janitorial Company

MP STAR FINANCIALA Supportive Partner to Cleaning Companies

MP Star Financial provides janitorial services with the cash they need, when they need to fund their growth – with no hidden fees.

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