How One Fee Factoring Helps Manufacturers Grow

Manufacturers Stay Competitive Using One Fee Factoring

Lead times are growing shorter. Global supply chains are easily disrupted. How can light manufacturing firms free up cash flow without drastic measures like cutting prices and staff?

Light manufacturers can stay competitive by empowering cash flow management with invoice factoring – not bank debt. To meet increasing demands, it is important for manufacturers to have the capability to staff, train and pay the teams needed to produce.

MP Star One Fee Factoring and other services help manufacturers stay ahead:

  • Add staff to meet urgent deadlines
  • Keep staff employed to fulfill quality and service promises
  • Remain competitive by opening cash flow to invest in technology and other improvements
  • Reduce or eliminate debt to keep your business fiscally strong

MP STAR FINANCIALA Supportive Partner to Manufacturers

MP Star Financial enables manufacturers to have the cash flow necessary to meet payroll, operating and supply costs, shipping and other fees – without taking on bank debt and with no hidden fees.

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