Many temp staffing agencies struggle with cash flow management, which can cause significant problems.

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What cash flow plan do you have in place?

According to a February 23, 2009 fact sheet by American Staffing Association, temp staffing firms placed 2.66 million workers every single day during 2008, with a total of 11.2 million temporary and contract workers employed in the United States in 2008. That amount of staffing placement requires significant cash flow management.

What cash flow plan do you have in place? What is plan B when your payroll and payroll taxes are more than anticipated and your clients have not yet paid their invoices?

Invoice factoring gives your temporary staffing business flexibility and the ability to take on new clients without worry.

With invoice factoring, you can get the cash you need, when you need it, without having to wait for your clients to pay their invoices. With this form of business funding, you can meet your expenses, avoid late fees and grow your business the way that you want; that might mean taking on new clients or it might mean expanding the industries that you serve. It’s all up to you!

Talk to us, MP Star Financial, to see how receivables factoring business funding can help your temp staffing company meet expenses and grow your business.

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