MP Star Financial E-books address Invoice Factoring for Business Owners

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Cash flow concerns continue to worry small business owners. A recent survey by the Washington-based National Small Business Association indicated that almost half (43%) of small businesses needed operating funds at some point during the last several years, but were unable to find acceptable sources.

Invoice factoring, or receivables factoring, is a proven, cost effective, and fast way for companies to access funds in time to stay current with payroll, meet tax obligations, pay overhead expenses, build strong business credit, and make solid decisions pertaining to the operation and growth of the business.

Invoice Factoring Basics

Factoring lets you sell your company’s receivables to a thirdparty, called a “factor” (MP Star Financial) for fast payment – sometimes the same business day, in exchange for very modest transaction fees.

Factoring improves cash flow and helps your business operate and grow without taking on additional debt.

But while the mechanics of the factoring transaction work basically the same way each time, every company’s situation is different. Factoring might be helpful to a start-up manufacturing company in one way, but might take on a completely different role for an established security services firm.

MP Star Financial’s Invoice Factoring E-Books

MP Star Financial has produced a series of no-cost, downloadable e-books to help business owners competing in certain industries, working through various stages of development, or encountering certain challenges, understand how factoring might help them.

The e-books provide an overview of the factoring process, provide sample transactions, and address specific cash flow problems that you, the reader and business owner, can relate to. There’s probably at least one title in the collection that might help you already – and there are more to come!

MP Star Financial’s current e-books include:

Discusses how to use factoring to grow your business, take advantage of attractive payment terms, and stay current on your company’s bills and payments.

This e-book provides an overview of the five most common problems experienced by temporary service agencies and how to use factoring to avoid them.

Gives you valuable information on how to avoid employee turnover (a HUGE problem for janitorial service companies) with the help of factoring.

U.S. manufacturing companies are competitive again – this e-book explains how factoring can help them stay that way.

Factoring is a primary funding source for companies in the booming security services industry. This e-book tells why it’s such a good fit.

Start-ups and cash flow problems practically go hand-in-hand. This e-book explains how factoring can help take the pressure off the start-up owner…without taking on more debt.

Please feel to browse all the e-books here. The information should provide you and your company with a good understanding of how the factoring process works, and help you decide if it’s right for your situation.

Download the e-books you need at no charge,and check back soon for new titles.

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