MP Star Financial invoice factoring is the secret strategy used by many types of businesses

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Since this blog is still new I’ll take a couple of posts to share with you what we do, and why you should read us.

MP Star Financial offers asset-based lending, also known as factoring or accounts receivable factoring. This type of lending is a $200-billion-plus market, according to the Commercial Finance Association.

Businesses that use asset based lending (aka invoice factoring) span a broad range of industries:

  • Manufacturers represent approximately 31% of the total,
  • followed by wholesalers (28%), and
  • retailers (17%).

Based on revenues, the bulk of these borrowers (71%) are under $50 million in size. What they have in common is the support of a flexible, cost-effective finance source to help them meet their cash flow needs. We have found that a factoring company is especially helpful for service oriented companies such as temporary staffing firms, freight companies, start ups and more. However, this not to say that manufacturing firms do not use factoring and enjoy the same benefits.

Receivable factoring company provides flexible asset based lending you can’t find anywhere else.

Why is this type of lending so popular? That is obvious: factoring is a cost-efficient financing option that offers more flexibility than many traditional financing options.

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