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Are you a media professional looking to interview an expert for a cash flow business article?

If you’re a journalist, blogger or freelance writer, you may have a need to speak to an authority who understands how to increase cash flow for businesses.

If so, Gage Price of MP Star Financial, an invoice factoring company, will be happy to talk to you, to share his insights for your cash flow business article. Gage understands your challenges as a media professional – including tight deadlines and the need for fresh, accurate, interesting information. Please contact him at (440) 306-2418 or email him at with “Media Interview Needed” in the subject line.


Gage is an experienced cash flow business specialist. Here’s some background information on him and his company.

Gage founded MP Star Financial in 1995. It’s an invoice factoring/asset-based lending organization headquartered near Cleveland, OH. MP Star Financial primarily deals with small-to-medium sized, service-oriented businesses in the Midwest that are struggling with cash flow issues.

As a business finance consultant, he frequently works with businesses that are growing rapidly but can’t secure traditional bank financing. In other cases, they may be facing slow-paying customers or payroll-intensive projects. MP Star provides solutions that increase cash flow for these companies.

Prior to founding MP Star Financial, Gage worked as a product marketing manager and a general manager for two organizations. Gage received his B.A. from Miami (OH) University, and his M.B.A. from The Stern School of Business (New York University) in New York City.


Contact Gage today at (440) 306-2418 to tap into his knowledge about invoice factoring and how to increase cash flow for businesses.


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