“Ohio’s economy is built upon a legacy of strength in manufacturing and innovative thinking.”

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Ohio is an excellent home for the successful entrepreneur!

According to IBMag.com, “Ohio ranks best in the Midwest and among the top ten states in the nation in SITE Selection’s annual state business climate analysis.” Reasons for Ohio’s success include:

  • A supportive business environment
  • An educated, talented work force
  • Fewer turnovers than the national average
  • Fabulous opportunities to collaborate with colleges and universities
  • Business-friendly tax reform and low state taxes for companies making capital investments

It isn’t surprising, then, that Ohio is the home to 60 Fortune 1000 businesses.

One key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur, from my experience, is that he or she finds the best business funding solution for the company.

The successful entrepreneur often asks lots of questions about business funding options, which I love. That way, we can determine the best cash flow management strategy for the company, to help facilitate growth and continued success.

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