Payroll Funding

Free up cash flow. Meet payroll and other expenses. Grow your business.

With MP Star One Fee Factoring, you can stay current on payroll and IRS tax obligations. Make on-time payments to vendors. Concentrate on running your business instead of worrying about what money is coming in when.

Avoid the Struggle. Fund Payroll Through MP Star Invoice Factoring.

Payroll and payroll taxes can sometimes be a struggle when working capital is tied up in accounts receivable. MP Star invoice factoring can help a company solve its cash flow problems and continue to grow.

With cash flow opened up by One Fee Factoring, you can meet payroll, taxes and more without scrambling to collect on overdue accounts. This reduces your stress, which makes your employees happy – and creates an atmosphere conducive to attracting and retaining the best staff and customers possible.

See how MP Star helped a business solve IRS 940/941 payroll tax problems.

Opening Cash Flow Helps You with More Than Just Payroll

MP Star One Fee Factoring can do more than help you meet payroll, payroll tax and related expenses.

Better cash flow can strengthen your business by allowing you to:

  • Take advantage of bulk purchasing offers, saving your company money
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts to enhance your bottom line
  • Offer new clients more favorable payment options, thus expanding your client base
  • Build outstanding credit, as you pay your bills promptly
  • Upgrade equipment and finance other efficiencies
  • Fund product research and development

Contact MP Star to discuss which option is best for you – 30-, 60- or 90-day invoicing. Best of all, see how fast you can open up your cash flow to grow your business with MP Star’s One Fee Factoring and other services.

Payroll Solutions for Startups, Janitorial, Security, Manufacturing and Temp Staffing Businesses

Startups, janitorial businesses, security firms, manufacturing and temp staffing companies all face similar payroll crunch challenges. More than a thousand small businesses have partnered with MP Star Financial to overcome cash flow challenges.

One Fee Factoring works differently than traditional loan-based financing. With invoice factoring – your business does not take on any new debt.

Invoice factoring is not a loan. It’s a sale – a business sells their invoices or accounts receivables to factoring pros like MP Star Financial in exchange for cash. 

How Your Business Benefits from One Fee Factoring

  • You get fast cash – that’s capital you can put into your business immediately while MP Star collects the invoice payments on your behalf.
  • Your cash flow opens – and you don’t have to manage invoice collection.
  • Your collateral is still yours – the only asset MP Star buys is your accounts receivables.

“I would be remiss if I did not mention that a big reason for our company’s growth over the past 10 years, was the presence of your company, MP Star Financial. Your company enabled me to focus on what we do well – growing my janitorial business. MP Star has enabled us to have the necessary cash flow which ultimately enabled us to increase revenues from $144,000 annually to over $7 million in just 8 years.”

– Carl, President of a Regional Janitorial Company

What’s the difference between invoice factoring and a bank loan?

The main differences between factoring and traditional bank lending are the collateral used and the way payments are made.

  • A bank loan is usually made against real estate, equipment and other hard assets.
  • Factoring is made against unpaid invoices for services rendered or products sold.

Did you know that invoice factoring is at least 4,000 years old?

Learn more about invoice factoring, One Fee Factoring and how better financing can help your business grow. Get the free eBook, “Grow Your Business Through Invoice Factoring,” by MP Star founder and CEO Gage Price.