Power up your negotiating punch when it’s time to shell out cash: use invoice business funding to obtain inventory – and even to buy out a competitor.

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Let’s say that you just:

  • received a huge order from a new client you had been wooing,
  • but you need to buy a significant amount of inventory to fulfill that order and
  • you don’t have enough cash or a large enough credit line to buy the inventory.

Can we say – receivables factoring company to the rescue?

Use invoice factoring to:

  • free up the cash needed to buy the inventory,
  • fulfill the order and
  • add a new, satisfied and lucrative customer to your client list.

Receivables factoring lets you effectively compete against larger, more established companies, providing top quality service to your clients.

Think big: invoice factoring business funding even fuels your ability to buy out competitors.

As just one example, a British factoring company helped a management team buy out a sausage company being sold by their parent organization. No matter the size of your needs, consider factoring as your solution. Request an online quote for a speedy response.

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