Receivables factoring in the news: read a recommendation by a highly respected professional publication.

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According to an article in IT Week, an online publication for senior IT professionals, “Asset based lending is a perfect option for businesses that need ready working capital.” This article shares how receivables factoring provides “numerous new options” to small to medium-sized businesses.

Limit personal liability: invoice factoring business funding provides a very important benefit to boards of directors.

This article brings up another extremely important point: “Invoice finance can also remove the burden of personal guarantees from company directors, allowing them to focus more energy on running the business.” Less personal liability, a wider range of business funding options and more time to run the business at hand – what a perfect combination.

Here is one more reason to work with a factoring company!

To quote the article again, “clients have already chosen to take the invoice finance route. They like the way the funds available can evolve with their needs rather than having access to arbitrary amounts through bank overdrafts and loans.” Let me know how MP Star Financial can help you. Please post a comment below, email me at or call me at (800) 833-3765 Ext. #150. I look forward to our conversation.

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