The more you know – the more you’ll grow.

The idea behind One Fee Factoring is appealing. Who doesn’t love the idea of taking the money you are already earning and using it sooner to meet the daily demands of your business. Payroll. Operations. Insurance payment. They all require attention – but if you’re not sure how you’ll meet those responsibilities, your mind and energy cannot concentrate on maximizing the promise of your business.

These resources help you understand how MP Star services, including invoice factoring, empower you to following your vision and grow your business


In fact, here’s a link to a PDF that shows an actual contract and how they try to sneak in those extra charges →



Have you asked yourself this question?

“Instead of finding new clients, I’m constantly worried about cash flow. How can I break out of this rut and GROW MY BUSINESS???”

Discover the answer in this free ebook Grow Your Business Through Invoice Factoring by Gage Price.

Gage Price is an entrepreneur, CEO and expert in cash flow solutions. He runs a business – so he understands the challenges you face running yours. The book is clear, concise, graphically appealing with informative infographics, and raises (and answers!) all the questions you will have about invoice factoring.