How One Fee Factoring Helps Security Companies Grow

Managing Growth in the Security Industry

How often do you receive calls from companies after being victimized by crime and vandalism? They want security and they want it right away. It is common for companies to hire or expand a security force only after a crisis occurs. That requires a security company to be nimble enough to manage staffing and payroll to meet fast – even urgent – growth.

How Invoice Factoring Helps

The security industry has been growing fast for nearly two decades. Public safety, the expansion of legalized gambling, and many other factors contribute to this boom. MP Star Financial One Fee Factoring enables our clients in the security industry to grow along with this expanding industry.

Our invoice factoring and business services help you staff without stressing any urgent calls for extra guards. Invoice marketing also helps security firms confidently plan for expansion.

MP Star Financial – A Supportive Partner to Small Business

MP Star Financial provides security firms with the cash they need, when they need to fund their growth – with no hidden fees.

How well could your security business handle an urgent call for extra guards?

What would that do to your cash flow management system? Let’s face it. Some companies don’t hire the security they need until a crisis happens. Maybe the company gets robbed; maybe someone even gets hurt. Then, when they call your company to get the amount of security...

Security guard demand is expected to grow 17 percent between 2006 and 2016

Can your current cash flow management system fund your growth? There are growing concerns about crime and vandalism – and private security firms are taking over more and more of the duties previously performed by police officers. Because of these factors, the Bureau...