Small business news from around the web: February 2015

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Some months, we look around the Internet and we notice a theme arising in the content and posts and tweets that we see. Other months – like this one – we just collect together useful-looking articles and provide highlights for you. Here goes!

Break bad habits in 2015

According to writer Maren Hogan, it’s all too easy to create bad leadership habits. She lists four in the article that she wrote for; we agree with all of them, and are highlighting the one that really strikes a chord with us – and that’s equating activity with progress.

Calling this “one of the worst habits of all,” she recommends that activity for the sake of activity be replaced with a better understanding of time management – and she suggests that you also read an article that describes how you should actually manage your energy, not your time.

Master clutter!

Meanwhile, Mikael Cho warns us to handle the clutter in our lives to become more productive. One of his tips is to remove all files from the desktop of your computer every day because “having a cluttered desktop every time your turn on your computer can give you a constant uneasy feeling.” If that isn’t doable, he suggests that you keep only one folder on your desktop and put everything on your desktop into that folder each night.

And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to clean off your physical desk at the end of each day, either.

Maintain life balance

Who relates to this statement? “Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle path that can often consume and leave the best and the brightest stressed about a work/life balance.” In, Adam Toren shares how he and his brother have found a better life balance, even involving their young children in their passion for an entrepreneur lifestyle.

Check your ego at the door

Shirley Engelmeier writes an article for, as well, where she warns that, “the more successful your business becomes, the more likely you are to let your confidence become overwhelmed by your ego. Although flexing that muscle may put extra cash in your pocket, it could also damage relationships with those around you, especially employees. Instead try putting the ‘I’m the smartest person in the room’ aside when it comes to dealing with your workforce.”

Read the article for three useful tips to help you do just that.

Blue collar businesses

To round out our February 2015 look around the web, we bring you’s highlights of five blue collar workers who used their expertise to become entrepreneurs, including volunteer firefighter Zach Green who watched a report on photo-luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) technology, which helped some people escape from the stairwells when the World Trade Centers were hit.

Zach used that technology to create a glow-in-the-dark stretchable band for firefighters to put around their helmets to become more visible when fighting fires in heavy smoke.

What small business stories have you seen around the web that have inspired you? Share in the comments below.

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