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In Australia, an expanding publishing company was ready to launch arts+medicine, the world’s first magazine “devoted to the subject of arts and health and the positive impact that art has on health and well-being.” Even though the publishing company was in an extraordinary growth phase, cash flow problems nearly prevented the magazine’s debut – until a fellow factoring company from halfway around the world stepped in and saved the day.

MP Star Financial applauds the business ethics and integrity of the British factoring company.

According to the publishing company, the business financial factoring firm showed “an understanding of the nuances of our business and most importantly, demonstrated a strong service ethic.” They are looking at additional ways the factoring firm can support their amazing growth.

Let’s talk about how we can support your business success. Request an asset based lending quote from us today. Whether you’re a publishing company, a service industry or a manufacturer, you don’t have to “stop the presses” on your success due to cash flow issues.

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