The Perfect Windsor Knot and the Other James Caan

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The Perfect Windsor Knot and the Other James Caan

MP Star Financial: Business TieIt’s truly the app decade. Apps for entertainment, news and information, travel, lifestyle, education, and business purposes are being churned out on a daily basis. At the rate things are going, we’ll soon need an app to organize all our apps. Uh, actually, that’s not a bad idea.

In any case, an overview of useful business-oriented apps in an earlier post was well received, so here are five more that are worth a look. Most are available in all the smart phone formats and all are free of charge.

Dragon Dictation. ( For iPhone, Android, Blackberry. Free.) Finally, a break for those of us who goofed off during typing class. It works like this: You speak, Dragon writes. It’s actually that simple. Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition application that allows you to talk, then immediately see your text before you save it, or email messages before you send them. Besides the speed advantage – at least five times faster than typing – the technology allows you to keep up with and record your thoughts as quickly as they come to you. Special applications are available for various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, legal and several others.

How to Tie a Tie. (, for Android. AppStore, for iPhone. Free.) Sorry, ladies. This one is for the other half. Less geeky than it sounds, and very handy when you’re checking out neckwear options before your next board meeting, class reunion, or jaunt to Monte Carlo, these apps provide step-by-step instructions for pulling off the perfect Windsor, Half-Windsor, Four in Hand, and at least a dozen other fashionable knots. Who needs GQ?

Card Munch. ( For iPhone. Free.) From the good folks at LinkedIn, Card Munch lets you import details (name, company, title, contact information, etc.) from business cards, just by snapping a photo. You click the icon on your phone, line up the card in the field of view, take the photo, upload the information, store it, and you’re done. The app is very easy to use, but accuracy is sometimes a little bit hit and miss. (Double check the phone numbers before you ditch the cards.) The app also lets you to record notes and comments about the contacts you import.

James Caan Business Secrets. ( For iPhone and Android. Free) No, not the “Sonny Corleone” James Caan – but he should probably have an app, too. This James Caan is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, one of the UK’s most successful venture capital and real estate investment firms. The app offers business advice in eight categories including Raising Money, Marketing, Managing Finances, Leadership, and Exit Strategies. Not every tip may have originated with Caan, but his enthusiasm and optimism are contagious.

Gas Buddy. ( For iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Free.) Gas Buddy is a community-based app that helps you locate gas stations and find the cheapest prices. With gas prices hovering near $5 a gallon, this is probably the mostly timely app of the bunch. As a bonus, by reporting prices to the site, users can accumulate points that will earn free gas and other awards.

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