Video: Your Invoice Factoring Questions Answered in 2½ Minutes

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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a two and a half minute video presentation? Well, take a look and let us know.

To add to some of the information provided in this blog format, MP Star Financial is launching a series of short presentations to explain how invoice factoring and other small business funding tools actually work.


In this first video, MP Star Financial president Gage Price, who founded MP Star Financial in 1995, addresses three of the most common questions he hears from clients who are new to the factoring process.


Questions include:

1: What exactly is invoice factoring?

Gage’s description and explanation of the process will have you well on the way to deciding if factoring might be appropriate for your company.

You might be surprised to learn that the factoring transaction is actually very simple and straightforward. And factoring is popular. Industry estimates place annual factoring volume at more than $110 billion in the U.S. alone.


2: How can factoring help your business?


It usually comes down to effective cash flow management – but,during the presentation, Gage points out a usually overlooked advantage of invoice factoring that many of his clients didn’t appreciate at first.


And factoring can help companies in almost any industry. Factoring programs benefit businesses in sectors as diverse as staffing, health care, general business services, manufacturing, import/export, transportation and freight, and retail.


3: How long does it take to set up a factoring program?


Gage saves the best for last.


Besides being efficient, flexible and cost effective, your factoring arrangement with MP Star Financial can be up and running in just….well, he’ll tell you. (Hint: In terms of waiting, this is definitely not like working with a bank.)


And rest assured that MP Star Financial will give your company the attention it needs to make sure the set-up is easy for you and your employees.


After viewing the presentation, you can contact for MP Star Financial for more information or to start the application process. To speak with Gage Price directly, call him at (800) 833-3765, extension 122. Check back for additional informative videos from MP Star Financial on invoice factoring, effective cash flow management, and alternative funding sources for your business.

MP Star Financial’s factoring services can help ensure you have cash flow needed to run and grow your business. Call MP Star Financial for more information at (800) 833-3765, extension 150.

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